The Greatest Kind of Gift

I *adore* sci-fi novels. Anything from the Victorian age to about 1965, and then in its own way, 1965-1985, and then you end up in the ’90s and it gets a bit cyberscifi and that’s great too, I love it all. BUT. There’s a kind of paperback that’s particularly close to my heart. And, for Christmas, I got a massive stack of them. See how beautiful?



6 thoughts on “The Greatest Kind of Gift

  1. Cool! A lot of complete crud in that pile though…. J. Hunter Holly (ewww!) — haha. I’m also curious if anything Charles Eric Maine wrote is readable — another one of the perpetually average authors. The best books in that stack are probably the Heinlein and Clarke — and, I my opinion, that’s not saying much because both are rather overrated.


    • Couldn’t agree more – some of it’s atrocious! And some plain disturbing. But a couple of classics too, definitely – probably most excited by The Silver Locusts copy. I’ve read about half, but will continue to put my thoughts up on my goodreads, might make Maine next on the list!


      • It is indeed – which was confusing because I’d just finished listening to Martian Chronicles as an audiobook, and then I was all excited to have another Bradbury to continue with, and then, then it was the same book again! Tch. But it’s a fine copy.

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