So I’ve Decided to Self-Publish…

I have been rattling on about having a whole book and all, but it doesn’t do anyone any good having a book all to themselves and just saying that if you can’t let people read it. And even if it was the kind of book that someone who sells books for a living could actually sell (by, I don’t know, saying, HEY THIS IS REALLY GREAT IT’S ABOUT SPARKLY WIZARDS WITH INFLATABLE TROUSERS WHO FIGHT THE DINOSAURS OF ZARG WITH WIT ALONE), it still wouldn’t be coming out until like, next year.

And it isn’t the kind of book one can easily sell. Even if you happen to like the sort of thing that it is (which I’m fairly sure someone else will: I’m not so much of a masochist that I’m going to tell you it’s the worst thing ever and no-one will ever enjoy it), I struggle utterly to describe it and it’s a bit of a slow build.

I don’t really like books that start with a whole load of stuff and come to nothing. I like things that build. I sort of tried to write something that built and unfolded, because that’s what I like to read. I also wrote ridiculous characters, because I like ridiculous characters. They’re not even scrappy-bananas ridiculous like New Girl or something, no, they’re just…a bit wrong. But I like them very much.

Anyway, regardless. I love that one can just, make a book go on Amazon. And so I’m going to. I’m glad I’ve done so much crazy work on it so far, but I still wish I’d managed to tell the first draft of the story in less than 140,000 words, because, ffs, that is a lot of words to wrangle into something sensible. Even after employing the “cut at least 10%” rule, which I did last year, I still had something way too long for what ought to be a fairly breezy YA read. I’m down to 110k now, and fighting with myself about whether brevity or honesty is better. Honestly, I’d like to fling the whole lot up right now and have done with it, but, probably not wise.

Some of me would have loved a professional hand with this. The rest of me thinks, look, just move on, write something else, get over it. I think it’s like everything new – I want it to be perfect. This is never going to be perfect. I just need to make sure it’s not stupid.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem as complex as I’d thought it would to format for Kindle. I mean, we’ll see when I upload, but it looks good so far. I have an amazing cover (I recommend all aspiring writers pair up with awesome artists, very handy XD) and I’ve driven myself crazy trying to write a description, only to settle for something short and nondescript because, well, it’ll all unfold one way or another, and maybe someone will read it and be able to tell me a better way of getting people to read it than that. Here’s hoping.

So…this is more a declaration of intent and a distraction from facepalming at my own failure to employ the comma properly. I’m going to go get on now. Any tips on all this, incidentally, are welcome.


6 thoughts on “So I’ve Decided to Self-Publish…

  1. No tips on self-pubbing sorry, but the book:awesome. If I had a better concentration span I mahy have been more help, I will read the whole thing 🙂

    • I am so tragically excited by that prospect XD IMAGINE! I think that’s about 75% of the reason I want to just do this, y’know? I can ACTUALLY say I’m an author. Doesn’t make any comment on how good I may or may not be: I’ll still be one! 🙂

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