Suarez: An Unnecessary Addition to the Onslaught

When I was five years old, I punched another five year old in the shoulder, because they bit my arm. Apparently that was not a good enough reason to punch someone, and I remember being most irritated that I was the one who got in trouble when I didn’t start it. This is definitely not the same issue, but I do remember, very strongly, how appalled and outraged I was at being bitten. That is sort of the same issue.

There are a billion articles about the entire thing; it’s nearly worrying how many articles newspapers have run on it, except that’s what they do now. The way you could feel Sky, after the initial shock, utterly slavering over the brutality of it, and the infinite conversation they knew they could have over it. Mostly this post involves the points I’ve taken from reading, or scanning, a fair few of those.

– It was genuinely shocking. The guy is lacking certain brain skills. Demonstrable action needs to be taken before he’s put back in a volatile, stressful environment. Anything else is irresponsible.

– In recognition of this, the PFA sending him to anger management is a genuinely sensible response.

– The FA’s swift decision shows us that English football was better equipped to deal with incidents of violence than those of racism. I believe a ten match ban is the latest minimum ban brought in by UEFA for those charged with racism as of this month, though, so if that situation had happened now, then that’s how many Suarez would face, presumably.

– Liverpool’s reaction is genuinely odd. Obviously it’s like deducting goals from the current Liverpool team, but I wouldn’t say this was a surprising decision.

– Apparently, so someone said somewhere, possibly on Football Weekly, biting is more common in rugby. Is this so? Because I thought rugby was all genteel, honourable violence and whatnot…at least, that’s what people keep trying to tell me

– If you’re bugging Mike Tyson for quotes, maybe just don’t write that piece.

– It’s not okay to respond to any kind of sporting frustration by biting someone. It’s just not. The amount of attempts to defend that happening completely bemuse me. It’s just not cricket, and it’s definitely not football. There’s such a level of effort one has to go through to bite someone; it’s disturbing behaviour, and there’s no way around that.

– Suarez is an amazingly talented footballer. That’s not even slightly in question. Or at all relevant. Commenting on his behaviour is not commenting on his skill.

– There is beyond no reason for the Prime Minister to have a say, although being as I want to chip in my thoughts, I can’t say I’m surprised his office decided to chime in.

– It’s always annoying when the most-discussed thing of any game, never mind any season, is someone behaving in a way they oughtn’t to on a football pitch, but then again, that’s how football still manages to be a microcosm for the best and the worst of being human.

– Re. where I started out, I’m rather impressed that Ivanovic, rarely the coolest cube in the ice cube tray, didn’t deck him, although I think, had he not been so shocked, he might’ve. I wonder what conversation we’d be having if he had?



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