It’s my birthday: my novel is free to celebrate!

I’m 31 years old today!

To celebrate, my twisty-turny dystopian YA novel The Pulse is FREE to download from Amazon UK and Amazon US (and on all the regional Amazons, too!) so do, please, download, share the link and either forget about it completely, or enjoy it!

I’ve had a wonderful year. Being 30 was much better than I’d imagined. I thought my thirties would be all grown-up and scary, but actually, I’ve been surprisingly childlike and daft, and also, also, much braver than in years. I’ve published my novel, run a half-marathon, lost a slew of weight and fixed a lot of food and exercise things in my mind and body, made some big decisions about who and where I want to be, and, more than anything, I’ve had some really great times. Actual fun. I forgot to have fun a lot in my twenties, perhaps because I was so sure I ought to be, and that I was in some way doing it wrong. I am now much more sure that I’m doing things right.

Here’s to 31! (And download my book, or get someone else to do it 😉 I’m sure I’ll blog about this whole giving-away-a-book experience at some point, but more than anything, it’s the most I’ve achieved in ages, and giving it away for a day seems like a genuinely good way to celebrate.


13 thoughts on “It’s my birthday: my novel is free to celebrate!

  1. Happy birthday! And thanks– I’m not used to getting presents on other people’s birthdays. 🙂

    I enjoyed 31. I firmly believe that my thirties are going to be MY decade. Things are going to happen, I’m going to have more fun, and it’s going to be amazing. Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

    • Smiling conviction goes a long way, I think…and I definitely didn’t believe that in my twenties! You’re definitely not alone. I remember when I was about 24 seeing Cameron Diaz talk about how happy she was to have turned thirty, and how much more seriously she took herself, whilst having twice as much fun, and I believed her, which gave me some comfort during a messy, tiring and miserable string of late-twenties years. Turns out she was quite right, and worth having faith in!

  2. Happy Birthday! I turned 31 in April and relate to the being more brave part you mentioned. In fact, I had the words Be Brave tattooed on my arm for my birthday present to myself this very year:)
    I am off to download your book!

    • That’s the perfect present to yourself! I love that 🙂 A friend of mine has the words ‘Bravery Exists’, and I think that’s the most incredible thing…

      I do hope you enjoy the read!

    • Thank you so! I’ve had a most wonderful day, quiet and full of the nicest things to eat, drink, watch and do. But the highlight was playing ‘catch’ in my childhood garden 🙂

      I hope everyone enjoys reading my book! It really does give me genuine joy to share it today – I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but it’s been lovely!

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