A Happy New Year!

Well, it’s an incredibly long time since I posted here, isn’t it? So long, in fact, that the whole interface has changed. I see.

But you see, I’ve been busy. Thinking back on 2014, that’s the most overriding thing of all. I’ve been SO CRAZY BUSY.

Moving home. Sorting home. Cleaning a decade of bits from a place I didn’t love any more, in a city a 300-mile round trip from home. I clocked up thousands of miles in the first half of the year, and spent every day off from February to May moving home.

I had horrific dental surgery at the end of January last year, and had all kinds of unpleasant consequences, not least root canal in March, and the awful, awful experience of waking up to find I’d shattered a tooth in the night from grinding it so hard with stress. That happened twice. Waking up to bits of tooth in your mouth is just the worst. I had terrible stress pains, including stabbing, piercing stress headaches most days from February to August. I can’t understand how I got through a lot of 2014.

But I did. And, strangely, thinking back, I really enjoyed it. I got so much done. I started a business from nothing. I kept at my day job, and had all manner of excellent experiences in doing so. I learnt how to make scones, in great quantity, in a matter of minutes. I pulled some immensely long days, and didn’t mind one bit. I had fun, when things were tough.

I got back to going to the gym, as well. My strength’s gone up significantly, and I’ve added a ton of exercises to my catalogue, so I can pretty much always find something that interests me to do in the gym. I realised I work out best first thing, and that I don’t mind getting up super early to work out. I think, in 2015, I might try getting more work done before work, because I can get a lot out of an early morning.

I even wrote a bit at the end of the year, at last. I’ve missed writing a lot. I’ve missed reading even more. The things I haven’t made time for are those I like most – reading, writing, actually seeing other humans. I’ve been so flat out, I’ve rarely got further than the pub, and I’ve missed a great deal of films, TV and so on that I really meant to see. But I can catch up on that this year. I think this year will be good. I think in 2014 I dug good, strong foundations, all over the place. I hope I did. Time to start building something interesting on them.


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