Thaumatropes, Cats and Quotes – How to Accessorise This Autumn

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Thaumatrope Witches Cat

You may or may not know that I am the minion of the Mymble’s Daughter, and, as such, it is my duty to publicise and promote her glorious creations, an undertaking I find to be utterly joyous, for her things are beautiful, affordable, expertly crafted and designed, and, basically, the best thing you could give another human, or, indeed, yourself. So! I’ll be doing a few such posts over the next couple of months because seasonal shopping is a thing, and because I love to share, and because variety is the spice of blog.

So! Here are some starters. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow thaumatrope is an old favourite, and what with there being a TV series (should I watch it? Is it good?) it seemed like a great time to bring back some old classics. You can see all our many Sleepy Hollow-inspired things HERE, do do that! And I haven’t even started on the quotation collection, but perhaps another day I’ll do a more collection-based post.

Finally, what with our over-10,000-sales of Etsy expertise, one of the other many things I’ve meant to do over the years is a collection of some of the Lessons We Have Learnt because Etsy-selling can be a wonderful thing, but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and the actually getting stuck into it can be daunting, tiring, or plain weird, so it’s always good to have, I think, a bit of hand-holding on the way if you’re new to Etsy, or indeed to any online selling at all.

Finally finally, speaking of new online selling, have you seen our NEW Mymble’s Daughter @ Folksy shop yet? If you’re an old friend of our shop you might find all sorts of old favourites popping up there – for a limited time, we’re running it as an archive of all kinds of designs! See all our Alice in Wonderland pieces, for example, with more to be added over the coming days!

Anyway, may your Tuesday be bright, and, if it isn’t, why not treat yourself to a thing to make it brighter?


Top Five Lists of ALL THE THINGS

We needed to do something but didn’t want to move, so here’s this. Feel free to share your thoughts/attempted corrections!

Bored on Saturday things, Biscuits, Birdsong, Pencils, Queen songs, ’80s kids TV shoes, Buffy episodes, Divine Comedy comedy songs, Divine Comedy beautiful songs, Fictional Horses, Fictional Birds, Cabin Pressure episodes, Final Fantasy VII Characters, things we’re supposed to be doing, blond male vampires,

    Top Five Things To Do When Bored on Saturday

1. Chase your partner/dog/someone else’s dog/your shadow around a park.

2. Draw the clouds. If there aren’t any clouds, imagine clouds and draw them.

3. Draw stick men being more interesting than yourself.

4. Come up with a random pitch for a new kind of quiz show and start sending it out to people. Who knows…

5. Make top five lists of everything.

    Top Five Biscuits

1. NICE biscuits.

2. Party Rings.

3. Malted Milk.

4. Bourbon biscuits.

5. Jammy Dodgers.

Highly commended: Custard Creams, for their iconic shape and nom filling.

    Top Five Birdsongs

1. Skylark.

2. Blackbird.

3. Robin.

4. Wren.

5. Blackcap.

    Top Five Pencils

1. Staedtler Noris HB.

2. Palomino Blackwing.

3. Staedtler Tradition 4B.

4. 1989 Pencil from Tower of London Gift Shop.

5. 1904 Teddy Roosevelt Promotional Pencil with Brass Bear Atop It.

Highly Commended: Farley’s Rusk Pencil.

    Top Five Queen Songs

1. Innuendo.

2. Killer Queen.


4. Breakthrough.

5. I Want It All.

    Children’s TV Programmes of the 1980s

1. Mysterious Cities of Gold

2. Knightmare

3. Thundercats

4. She-Ra, Princess of Power

5. Ulysses 31

    Buffy Episodes

1. Once More, With Feeling

2. Band Candy

3. Lover’s Walk

4. Doppelgangland

5. New Moon Rising / The Prom (split decision)

    Divine Comedy Comedy Songs

1. The Frog Princess

2. Something in the Woodshed

3. I’ve Been to a Marvellous Party

4. The Pop Singer’s Fear of the Pollen Count

5. The Happy Goth

    Divine Comedy Beautiful Songs

1. Sunrise

2. Tonight We Fly

3. Neptune’s Daughter

4. Timewatching

5. Everybody Knows

    Fictional Horses

1. Renti

2. Shadowfax

3. Hwin

4. Artex

5. Rapide

    Fictional Birds

1. Master Chalk

2. Archimedes

3. Gwaihir

4. Kokapetl

5. Wol

    Cabin Pressure episodes

1. Ottery St. Mary

2. Limerick

3. Uskerty

4. Rotterdam

5. Xinzhou

    Final Fantasy VII Characters

1. Sephiroth

2. Vincent

3. Yuffie

4. Cait Sith

5. Rufus

    Things We’re Supposed to be Doing

1. Email

2. Listing things that need selling on eBay

3. Preparing photographs for things

4. Writing

5. Tidying

    Blond Male Vampires

1. David (Lost Boys)

2. Lestat

3. Eric (True Blood)

4. Spike

5. Marius