Some Facts About Me

My name’s Abbi. I’m from south-west London, I’m 30 years old, I read a lot, write a lot and talk a lot. I live with my beloved partner of forever.

I adore things. If I like something, I probably love it. I want to know everything about it, how it works, who made it, how it works, and why. The only exceptions to this are Neighbours and The Archers which I love with all my heart, but harbour no behind-the-scenes curiosities about.

I don’t really like taking photos, and I massively despise editing them. Any photos on this blog may well be out of focus, wrongly-shaped/sized and glaringly stupid. I’m okay with this. There are plenty of blogs rammed with glorious photography.

I’m very fond of Sweden, and spend all the time I can in Stockholm. My Swedish is wonky and embarrassing, but something I very much enjoy working on.

Football is very important to me. I support both Arsenal and Chelsea; always have, always will.

I love F1. I’m quite fond of cars generally. I have one. He’s called Miro.

Cats are brilliant. Dogs are also brilliant. I had two cats and a dog, growing up, and aspire to moving somewhere where I can repeat this state of affairs.

I’ve written one finished YA novel which I’m pondering how to sell, three first drafts of other kinds of novels, and an infinity of finished, half-finished, and half-started short stories. At some point I will post links to the things that can be found online.

I studied History of Ideas & Philosophy at uni. It involved a lot of words, and has been both incredibly useful and utterly useless to me.

I used to work in I.T. After that, I was an exceptionally bad secretary.

I do freelance brainstorming and logistical exploration for Ted Pearlman, of Us Is Two and Meddle fame.

I can squat my bodyweight, and deadlift 1.5x. I like to run, and have done a few half-marathons. I’m not really interested in doing a marathon.

I love fashion. Lines, colours, cuts. I’m fascinated by the never-ending catwalk of the seasons. Favourite lines include T by Alexander Wang, closely followed by Elizabeth & James, and Acne.

I used to love music much more, but in 2001 someone stole my entire teenage CD collection and my broken musical heart never quite got over it. Current artists I enjoy are mostly Patrick Wolf, Tegan & Sara and Muse. I develop a ‘thing’ for a song from time to time, and listen to it endlessly, incessantly. I’m still obsessed with ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ by Nicole Scherzinger, so you can see how unpredictable that can be.

I like to talk.


One thought on “Some Facts About Me

  1. “I like to talk.” That gave me a giggle. You’re novel sounds so interesting, will hopefully try to have a read when I can. Maybe I’ll convince someone to get it for me as a xmas present.

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